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Drywall Systems, Inc. was established in 1988 with the goal of providing a work environment for people to be successful in the drywall business and for that business to be family oriented. We understand the true spirit of building something from the ground up through hard work, honesty and integrity in everything we do. Now a company with 4 locations and 250 employees including Wichita, Manhattan, Kansas City, and 1 location in Oklahoma City we’re one of the premiere drywall contractors in the region and a leader in innovation, service, and workmanship.


Drywall Systems, Inc. strives to provide excellence in everything we do: quality, service, leadership development and adding value to both our employees and our customers. In our relationship with customers, it is vital to create a lasting partnership which will optimize productivity and profitability.

“Building relationships by providing excellence in everything we do”


Drywall Systems, Inc.’s vision is to become a preferred contractor in the marketplace with a focus on excellence in: people, quality, service, safety, productivity and profitability. We will continually search for and develop the leaders around us. Our commitment is to add value to others.


Drywall Systems Inc. is a diverse, growing company involved in many aspects of construction. This is evident with the various types of work that we perform. We believe our number one priority is safety, realizing the value of each employee along with our responsibility to create a “no loss time” standard. Providing a full-time Safety Manager is one step towards this goal.

We are a subcontractor to many major General Contractors and our Safety Manager works in conjunction with them to assure a safe work environment for everyone. Information is provided to our supervisors and employees to educate them about any safety concerns and assist them in working safely on each and every project.

Realizing that safety is a continual process, we strive to educate them with safety training. Many of our employees are trained with 10 or 30-hour OSHA Training Course in Construction Safety & Health.

The emphasis placed on safety adds value by providing an overall company safety awareness, which has helped lower our incident rates. Safety is a core value for our organization and we strive to work with general contractors and owners with similar values.