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career path



  • OSHA safety knowledge
  • Basic tape measure skills
  • Basic material knowledge

Apprentice 1

  • Laborer knowledge
  • Read eighths on a tape measure
  • Know sizes and gauges of metal
  • Know sizes, types, and thickness of wallboard
  • Know types of finishing material
  • Know types of grid
  • Know types of insulation and the application of each
  • Know fasteners and where/how to use them
  • Know how to use all hand and power tools
  • Know drywall screw patterns
  • Know stud layout

Apprentice 2

  • Apprentice 1 knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of print reading
  • Know how to use the page index on the cover of the prints
  • Basic knowledge of wall layout/stud spacing
  • Beginning to understand production and tracking
  • Be able to work independently at times
  • Know how to use all tools
  • Know generally what material is designed for what use


  • Apprentice 2 knowledge
  • Be able to be the lead of a pair
  • Completely understand prints and how to read them
  • Completely understand production/costs codes/unit cost
  • Understand the sequence of all construction trades (i.e. frame wall, rough‐in, inspection, hang)
  • Basic understanding of other contractors work
  • Be a problem solver


  • Journeyman knowledge
  • Be able to completely layout all walls of a project
  • Be able to constructively delegate responsibilities
  • Be able to oversee other workers
  • Be able to read and understand all prints including MEP drawings
  • Communicate well with DSI office personnel and G.C. Superintendent
  • Understand how to do all our typical scope of work, framing /hanging/finishing/grid/tile
  • Be competent at change orders and know our scope of work
  • Understand inspections and how to deal with an inspector

Foreman 1

  • Leadman knowledge
  • Communicate well with GC’s personnel (i.e. Super and PM) and in‐house personnel (i.e. Estimator and DSI PM)
  • Understand the GC’s schedule and address concerns and issues
  • Constructively contribute to jobsite progress meetings
  • Understand estimating and how to read the estimates
  • Understand how to order materials and work with the office staff in doing so
  • Manage Superintendents’ expectations and create a productive work environment for DSI workers
  • Completely understand production/unit cost/JC reports
  • Completely manage the jobsite: employees, subs, materials, deliveries, other trades, etc
  • Have a basic understanding of city/county codes that pertain to our scope of work
  • Have a positive attitude and a willingness to give and take constructive criticism
  • Must be willing to train employees
  • Be able to successfully manage jobs up to $100,000

Foreman 2

  • Be able to successfully manage jobs up to $1,000,000

Foreman 3

  • Be able to successfully manage jobs over $1,000,000

Project Manager

  • Be able to successfully manage multiple jobs
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Extensive production knowledge
  • Schedule assessment skills


  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Focused
  • Complete knowledge of blueprint reading
  • Complete knowledge of specification reading
  • Complete knowledge of all materials pertaining to our scope of work
  • General carpentry knowledge
  • Spatial reasoning skills